Rates and Services

House Sitting (Sleeping in the house)
We stay in your house when you are not there looking after your property and pets as if it is our own. We will make sure your plants
are watered, pool is kept in shape, pets are fed and taken for walks if required. We make sure that your house does not look
deserted and a prime target for intruders.

We provide our own food, however we do request that you provide the basics i.e. tea, coffee, milk etc so that we can feel at home.

Please contact us for a quote. 

Pet Sitting (Feeding only on a daily basis)

We will feed feed your pets when you are away from your home for long periods and you do not require a house sitter.
You give us access to your pets and we will come around and feed them on a daily or twice daily basis depending on your
or the pets requirements. We will play with them for a short period when feeding and make sure they are comfortable. Any
abnormalities or unusual behavior will be reported to you to inform us what to do. If vet care is needed we will negotiate this with
you as to what is the best for the animal and what to do.

Please contact us for a quote.